St Astier is a specialist consulting contractor for the construction industry. We help clients to maximise the value they can derive from the built assets under their control by providing intelligent renewal, repair, maintenance and conservation services that extend and enhance the life of structures.

We have a wealth of experience in managing and delivering specialist historic building conservation projects which demand a unique focus and sympathetic attention to ensure our region’s built heritage is maintained and conserved. Historic Building Conservation

St Astier works with local authorities, housing associations and their partners to deliver refurbishment services, utilising a diverse knowledge of innovative and traditional repair techniques and materials whilst understanding the importance of accurate planning and efficient delivery. Social housing & public buildings

We provide a wide range of solutions to address most structural problems including cracked or compromised masonry, bowing walls, failed structural elements, partial collapses, subsidence and land slippage.Structural repair works

We repair and waterproof road bridges, pedestrian and transport tunnels, sea defences and water retaining structures. In an industrial context, we replace or repair factory floors and undertake specialist repairs in industrial facilities with unique safety and access conditions. Industrial & civil works

Featured Projects

diamond drilling holes for Cintec Anchor installation at Wainford Bridge Structural Repair

Wainford Bridge

Structural repair and stabilisation works using the Cintec Anchor system to a grade II listed bridge spanning the river Till in Northumberland. More

a photo of concrete property with scaffold Structural Repair

Repairs to Orlit Properties

A series of external repairs to improve both the structural and aesthetic performance of 95 Orlit type non-traditional properties in the York area. More

new kitchen extension based on Quickbase system Social Housing

Modular Foundations in Walker

Installation of the Quickbase engineered foundation system to support single storey kitchen extensions as part of a wider scheme of property improvements. More

a street of recently rendered three storey housing blocks Social Housing

Slatyford Refurbishments

External refurbishment and thermal upgrade works to 18 Wimpey No Fines non-traditional housing blocks in the Slatyford area of Newcastle upon Tyne. More