Wainford Bridge

Structural stabilisation of Wainford Bridge using a series of Cintec anchors to reconnect the downstream arch of the bridge which, had over the years become detached along the top line of the voussoirs as result of surface water from the adjacent hills. Fluid grout was also injected into the bridge to consolidate the core and fill any voids that had been created.

The holes to accommodate the anchors were diamond core drilled to reduce the amount of percussive energy in the positions indicated on the design. The anchors were subsequently installed and grout injected to fill the surrounding sock which inflated to ensure anchorage between voids along its length.

The Cintec Anchor is pre-wet before installation. The fabric sleeve has special expansion properties to suit the diameter of the hole into which it will be inserted.

The anchors are placed into position, ready for flowable grout to be pumped into the sock which as it grows will contain the aggregates of the grout mixture whilst allowing the ‘milk’ to pass through the mesh and bond to the substrate.

The river and surrounding area is considered to be a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSI) therefore great care was required to prevent spillages onto the scaffold platform.

The Cintec Anchor reaches the full size of the bore hole. During installation a jug is positioned below the bore hole to catch run-off milk. The finished installation can then be easily masked/hidden.