Helping Out The Scouts

by | Jul 1, 2009 | Community

The single storey brick building, seen here behind this very happy group of youngsters, has been home to the 95 members of the Beaver, Cub and Scout sections of the 1st Burnmoor Group for over 40 years. Originally built by tradesmen and enthusiastic supporters from the local community, it has seen thousands of children grow with the group.

Unfortunately, time had taken its toll on the building and an inspection at the end of May told a sorry story. Structural problems with the roof trusses and the supporting brickwork walls meant that there was no option but to lock the doors and keep the scouts away. The group leaders were left with a considerable challenge – meet outside and keep the children occupied or face the possibility of a decline in membership.

The Scouts were unable to claim against their insurance policies but their insurer did agree to make a small contribution towards the work – estimated at nearly £15,000 in total.

St Astier has put together a rescue party made up of local contractors headed by our very own Ranson Og, with John Sayers of Hodgson and Allon Roofing, Eddie Anderson of KML Scaffolding (Tel:0191 263 7726), and Dean Thomas of First Waste Management. Together, they have agreed to provide scaffolding [KML], roof repairs [Hodgson & Allon], the demolition and rebuilding of the walls [St Astier] and waste management [First Waste Management] without cost to the Scouts. Peter Hucks of DTA Group [Structural Engineers] has also kindly reduced the costs for carrying out a necessary structural survey in order to see the work go ahead.

This extra support for the Burnmoor Scout Group could not have come at a better time because this year is their 80th anniversary. Celebrations start this summer with a camping expedition to Bassenthwaite in the Lake District and there will be an anniversary dinner at the refurbished building in October.

We’re delighted that all the firms involved were so keen to support the scouts. The Scout Group offers great opportunities to the local kids. It helps them get down to the basics and learn real-life skills and we are very proud to play a part in ensuring that their good works can continue into the future.