Tall Tales From Borneo

by | Mar 16, 2009 | People

An uncomfortable exchange between Ranson and a group of local women in Borneo was narrowly avoided recently. The chance meeting took place three hours into Carol and Ranson’s trip up mount Kotakinabalu. Desperately in need of something to drink and a spot to rest, and faced with a seemingly impenetrable language barrier, our Director turned to the internationally recognised ‘pull my finger’ strategy to break the ice and clearly communicate their immediate needs. Whilst the non verbal communication lasted less than 2 seconds, it was enough to fully describe last night’s special banquet at the hotel, the morning’s climb in high humidity conditions and an impending visit to the townspeople’s ‘facilities’.

By all accounts it was a fantastic vacation in which Carol fulfilled one of her dreams to visit the island’s famous Orangutan sanctuary. Please note that Ranson’s claims to have discovered a new, delicious species of monkey are wholly inaccurate.

Both Carol and Ranson return to work today.